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  4. I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you. I think I was twelve. It tooks me three years to pluck up the courage to speak to you. And I was so scared about the way I felt, you know, loving a girl, so I learned how to become a sarcastic bitch to kind of feel normal. I screwed guys to make it go away, but it didn’t work. When we got together it scared the shit out of me. Because you were the one person who could ruin my life. I pushed you away. I made you think things were your fault. But really I was just terrified of pain. I screwed that girl, Sophia, to kind of spite you for having that hold on me, and I’m a total fucking coward because I got these tickets to Goa for us three months ago. But, I… I couldn’t stand… I didn’t want to be a slave to the way I feel about you, can you understand ? You were trying to punish me back and it’s horrible. It’s so horrible, because really… I’d die for you. I love you. I love you so much, and it’s killing me.
    Naomi Campbell, Skins UK.
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  7. Just so you know, it is possible for some people to be ok, Jill. Are you ok, Aimee? I am fuckin’ fantastic, and i got to say, I think your dad would be too if you’d just fuckin’ let him. Did you fuck him? What? Did you? Did you fuck my dad? Yeah, Jill. I did. I fucked your dad. And I felt really bad about it, so i was like “hey, Mr. Garvey, this is so wrong.” but he was like “hey, let’s stop pretending to be ok because no one is ok.” And he was totally right, and he was so hard, Jill. So I fucked the shit out of him on top of a pile of guns. Fuck you! Fuck you! 

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  8. "So when did you think your birthday was?"

    “Um, May 5th.”

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  9. Tay, be my twin again? Please? Okay.

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  12. vandergomery being adorable in 5x11 (◡‿◡✿) 

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  13. Unsubtle reactions to Paige McCullers

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